Hammerfest Symposium

The annual Cold Climate and Territory Symposium took place this week at the Arktisk Kultursenter in Hammerfest. The two day event occured on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of February 2013.
 Registration and lunch
The first day of the symposium saw lectures and presentations from a variety of professionals which included Planners, Architects, Professors and Designers with the focus being cold climate, low energy solutions and modern design methods.

The day also included performances from pianist Bendik Båtstrand and violinist Lisa Tuomaala and concluded with a delightful evening meal of local cuisine.
Day two of the symposium began with a tour of Hammerfest which included a visit to local attractions and developments that had been designed and constructed with modern cold climate technologies.
The tour visited the Fuglenes area of Hammerfest which is the site for the CCAT project 2013 and was the focus for the workshop that took place in the afternoon.
The workshop proved to be a huge success in bringing together all the different parties and analysing the site in order to take the project forward. It was very interesting to hear the opinions of people from different professional backgrounds and to understand how they would approach such a site. The information that was collected and the discussions that were held will be invaluable to the CCAT 2013 project.

Verte landskap + arkitektur AS would like to thank everyone who attended the Cold Climate and Territory Symposium 2013 and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


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