Erasmus Internship at ENSNP in Blois - France

Morning coffee at l'Ecole National Superieur de la nature et du Paysage (ENSNP)
View to the Entrance hall and the Balcony with the Administration and the Professeurs !


Visiting the 9th ARCHILAB at the newly opened FRAC CENTRE in Orleans together with students and teachers at ENSNP (Blois). Naturalizing Architecture is the aim going beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking, and investegating the crossroads of computer sciences, engineering and biology.
Algorithmic design, biomimetics, morphogenisis and cellular automata - these are concepts that will be well known to architects, landscape architects and designers in a few years.
Digital simulation tools, allows architects to investigate in concepts of nature that is at the same time organic, geometric and from micro to macro, somewhere between architecture and science.