Erasmus Internship at ENSNP in Blois - France

Morning coffee at l'Ecole National Superieur de la nature et du Paysage (ENSNP)
View to the Entrance hall and the Balcony with the Administration and the Professeurs !


Visiting the 9th ARCHILAB at the newly opened FRAC CENTRE in Orleans together with students and teachers at ENSNP (Blois). Naturalizing Architecture is the aim going beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking, and investegating the crossroads of computer sciences, engineering and biology.
Algorithmic design, biomimetics, morphogenisis and cellular automata - these are concepts that will be well known to architects, landscape architects and designers in a few years.
Digital simulation tools, allows architects to investigate in concepts of nature that is at the same time organic, geometric and from micro to macro, somewhere between architecture and science. 

Cold Climate and Territory Book II

VERTE landskap - arkitektur AS are proud to announce the launch of Cold Climate and Territory II which is a book that documents the work carried out during the Fuglenes, Hammerfest project.
Fuglenes is a peninsula of about 240 hectares where traditional maritime, fishing, cultural heritage and school communities share a limited area.

Every stage of the planning process has been included in the book along with a chapter analyzing the outcomes of the project and discussing the next steps that can be taken to continue the initiative.

The book is available for purchase for 300nok or 35 Euro. Order your copy now from Verte landskap - arkitektur as whilst stocks last to avoid disappointment.

COLD CLIMATE AND TERRITORY | Final presentation in Hammerfest - 26th April 2013

This Friday was held the final presentation of Cold Climate And Territory for 2013 in Hammerfest. It lead to good discussions between the Verte team and all the actors present, with a feedback regarding the three scenarii developed during the last two months.

Presentation by the team memebers that has been working on the CCAT project.
Taking part in the presentation were representatives from Hammerfest Municipality Planning Department, The State Housing Bank, VERK, Pro Barnets and GC Rieber AS.

Three scenarii were discussed : one for a development in a ten years prospect, and two in a fifty years prospect.

Analysing of climatic parameters; sun/shadow (warm spots) and wind

Photographic Exhibition in Hammerfest Saturday 6th April 2013

The 2 hours on Fuglenes photographic assignment was presented to the public of Hammerfest for the first time this weekend.  The work consists of photographs from three photographers; Andrew Budd, Franziska Heinrich, and Christophe Le Toquin, who were given two hours to work independently from each other photographing the Fuglenes site from their individual perspectives.

Saturday afternoon saw the opening of the exhibition along with a short presentation of the project by photographers Andrew Budd and Franziska Heinrich. The opening of the exhibition was a huge success and attended by over 50 people from the Hammerfest and Alta areas.
The exhibition is being held at VERK gallery, strandgata, Hammerfest, and runs for the next two weeks.

CCAT Presentation and Workshop in Hammerfest

Friday 15th March we were in Hammerfest presenting the initial analyses and sketches of how the penninsula of Fuglenes could develop in the future. We had a good meeting and interesting input for further development of the different scenarios. Taking part in the dialogue was representatives from Hammerfest Fiskeribase AS, ProBarents AS and VERK. Hammerfest kommune was hosting the session together with us at VERTE landskap-arkitektur AS.

2 Hours on Fuglenes

The following photographs form part of a larger collection that were taken for the Cold Climate and Territory project for use in a book and a photographic exhibition in Hammerfest.
Three photographers, Andrew Budd, Franziska Heinrich, and Christophe Le Toquin were given two hours to work independently from each other photographing the Fuglenes site from their individual perspectives.
Two hours is not enough time to fully understand it but long enough to catch some feelings. These photographs are memories, images that remain and that you want to share to tell your journey. 
The brief for the assignment was to visit the Fugleness site in Hammerfest and to record personal experiences and impressions of the area. 
The site was visited on Wednesday March 6th 2013 at approximately 12pm, and the weather conditions were heavy snow and cloud which later changed to clear blue sky with sunshine.

Christophe Le Toquin

Christophe Le Toquin

Andrew Budd

Andrew Budd
Franziska Heinrich

Franziska Heinrich

Hammerfest Symposium

The annual Cold Climate and Territory Symposium took place this week at the Arktisk Kultursenter in Hammerfest. The two day event occured on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of February 2013.
 Registration and lunch
The first day of the symposium saw lectures and presentations from a variety of professionals which included Planners, Architects, Professors and Designers with the focus being cold climate, low energy solutions and modern design methods.

The day also included performances from pianist Bendik BĂ„tstrand and violinist Lisa Tuomaala and concluded with a delightful evening meal of local cuisine.
Day two of the symposium began with a tour of Hammerfest which included a visit to local attractions and developments that had been designed and constructed with modern cold climate technologies.
The tour visited the Fuglenes area of Hammerfest which is the site for the CCAT project 2013 and was the focus for the workshop that took place in the afternoon.
The workshop proved to be a huge success in bringing together all the different parties and analysing the site in order to take the project forward. It was very interesting to hear the opinions of people from different professional backgrounds and to understand how they would approach such a site. The information that was collected and the discussions that were held will be invaluable to the CCAT 2013 project.

Verte landskap + arkitektur AS would like to thank everyone who attended the Cold Climate and Territory Symposium 2013 and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Cold climate and territory symposium 19th-20th of february

The program for the 2nd COLD CLIMATE AND TERRITORY symposium is now ready. 
Sign up before 5th of february to;
Hope to see you there !