COLD CLIMATE AND TERRITORY | Final presentation in Hammerfest - 26th April 2013

This Friday was held the final presentation of Cold Climate And Territory for 2013 in Hammerfest. It lead to good discussions between the Verte team and all the actors present, with a feedback regarding the three scenarii developed during the last two months.

Presentation by the team memebers that has been working on the CCAT project.
Taking part in the presentation were representatives from Hammerfest Municipality Planning Department, The State Housing Bank, VERK, Pro Barnets and GC Rieber AS.

Three scenarii were discussed : one for a development in a ten years prospect, and two in a fifty years prospect.

Analysing of climatic parameters; sun/shadow (warm spots) and wind

Photographic Exhibition in Hammerfest Saturday 6th April 2013

The 2 hours on Fuglenes photographic assignment was presented to the public of Hammerfest for the first time this weekend.  The work consists of photographs from three photographers; Andrew Budd, Franziska Heinrich, and Christophe Le Toquin, who were given two hours to work independently from each other photographing the Fuglenes site from their individual perspectives.

Saturday afternoon saw the opening of the exhibition along with a short presentation of the project by photographers Andrew Budd and Franziska Heinrich. The opening of the exhibition was a huge success and attended by over 50 people from the Hammerfest and Alta areas.
The exhibition is being held at VERK gallery, strandgata, Hammerfest, and runs for the next two weeks.