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Verte is a new North Norwegian architectural firm that was established on 1 January 2011 through a merger of the Architect Kirsti Knudsen and Aurora Landscape. They offer a wide range of services in architecture, landscape architecture and land planning.
Their expertise in climatic conditions allows services in landscape and architecture of northern Norway as the primary area, with local presence and international inspiration.
Their focus is northern Norway, but the office has projects across the country. Climate Adaptation, detailing for the northern Norwegian conditions and energy efficient solutions is our expertise.
Verte is a Norwegian name of Sami concept Verdde [Woe: rdte]. The word describes the cooperation between residents Norwegians and nomadic reindeer herders, a partnership based on mutual trust, value creation and respect.

The logo is based on the Agency's diverse and playful access to the projects. It is composed of a number of fields that represent each of the office staff.

University of Oulu, Faculty and Technology,Architecture Department, Finland

University of Oulu’s Department of Architecture is the world’s northernmost school of architecture. The department, with its 300 degree students, is a small unit within one of Finland’s largest universities. 
The school’s teachings respond directly to its surrounding, northern environment. Local building traditions and extreme climate conditions (long and dark winters with snow and ice versus light and warm summers), offer great resources and possibilities for research and creating new architecture for extreme northern climates.
The instructors are professionals who work both as teachers and as practicing architects and designers. The teaching is carried out in small groups and through individual consultations in a familiar and pleasant study environment which is a real benefit of a small architecture school.

ENSNP - National school of higher studies in nature and landscape architecture, France

The objectives of the program at the national school of higher studies in nature and landscape architecture (ensnp) is to prepare engineers and provide them with the balance of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed for their work in landscape architecture.
Our five-year program includes courses in a wide variety of domains: sciences and techniques (38%), human and social sciences (21%), management and communication (3%), graphic communication and space representation (18%), landscape projects (20%). Each year, students get practical training during 2-month internships. The fifth and final year involves a 6-month work period on their graduation project. A pluridisciplinary approach allows our students to grasp the environmental and landscape dynamics of territories (such as their anthropomorphic and biophysical aspects, the relations and interactions between space and society) and to incorporate them into landscape projects.
After graduation, 62% of our students are employed in private offices, 12% in local governments, 9% in public administration offices, 8% of them create their own practice, 5% go into teaching, 2% pursue further studies while 2% engage in other activities.

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