Mulighetsanalyser for Hammerfest Havn Terminaltomta

Fra prosessen med utvikling av scenarier for Hammerfest Havn Terminaltomta.

Pecha Kucha Oulu #19 Anita Veiseth

Presenting COLD CLIMATE AND TERRITORY at Pecha Kutcha #19 in Oulu.

Studytour to Oulu - Finland

We were a group from the office on a studytrip to Oulu - Finland during 7th -11th of November 2012. We visited the Architecture department, Universitetet of Oulu and participated in the Go North Architecture Business Arena, invited by Nordic Business Link. We met a lot of nice and talented people, and have seen both modern and mature buildings and landscapes. We hope our new contacts can be developed and new opportunities created for architecture and landscaping in the high north of Europe !
Architecture department, Universitetet of Oulu. Beautiful locations in the heart of the city.
Preparations before lecture for the students at the Architecture department
Preparations before workshop with the students.
Nice lunch together with lecturers Leena, Jari, Kari og Outi. Here represented by the food.
Visiting Outi (VSU) after seeing some of their landscaping projects.  
Pigs on the move in Waterfront Park. Landscape architect VSU.
The new public stage in the main square of Oulu. 
Passed this often. Architect: Sito LLC
Reception at the City Hall after conference on Friday. Robert, Marianne og Eini.
Project visit on an early saturday morning. 
Eini welcomes us to the new Planning and Environmental Services Building.
Architect: Architecture office Vauhtiviiva, architect Jyri Kotilainen
Artist (the glass prints): artist  Maija Louekari 
Fish Restaurant that was also a fish factory and food market. 
Architect: Architecture office M3.
Architect Janne Pihlajaniemi (M3) presenting the building.
Enjoying tasty fish soup - Linda, Marianne og Robert.
Visit at a Youth Centre designes by Kanttia 2. 
From the outside.
Markus the architect of the build in blue shirt. 
Sunday morning walk with Sepehr.  
Visit to the island. 
Back in town. Here we met cool and famous politician from Oulu. 
Will we be soon back ? Hope so.

Cold Climate and Territory Book

VERTE landskap - arkitektur as are proud to announce the launch of Cold Climate and Territory which is a book that documents the work carried out during the Bukta project.

Every stage of the planning process has been included in the book along with a chapter analyzing the outcomes of the project and discussing the next steps that can be taken to continue the initiative.

The photographs within the book have been cafefully chosen to monitor the important qualities of Bukta and to highlight the different stages of the project.

There is also a chapter within the book about the workshops which were the main methods used in the process and consisted of students and employees from Verte landskap - arkitektur as, in addition to symposium participants and key stakeholders. The workshops were conducted over a period of 2 months.

The book is available for purchase for 300nok or 35 Euro. Order your copy now from Verte landskap - arkitektur as whilst stocks last to avoid disappointment.

Developing scenarios for Hammerfest Harbour

VERTE landskap - arkitektur AS organized a workshop for Hammerfest Harbour KF on Thursday 04th of October 2012. The project is part of Cold Climate and Territory and the objective is to discuss alternative development strategies for the central harbour area.

Invited participants were encouraged to descripe main challenges and possible future scenarios with a perspective of 20 years.
After discussions and brainstoming valuable input and comments were produced, and conluded in a written statement with main challenges and two scenarios for future development. The participants will invited for a presentation when the scenarios have been developed further.  
Presentation of main challenges for the future
Analyses and discussions in groups
GAP-analysing and future scenarios
Conclusions in plenum

Presentation av feasability studies


The Cold Climate and Territory project was presented at an early morning breakfast workshop held at the offices of Verte Landskap - arkitektur AS on Friday 28th of September 2012.
There was a presentation of the feasibility studies carried out and the two development strategies for the Cold Climate and Territory project.
Participants of the workshop then discussed alternative development strategies for the area and displayed their ideas through adapting the scaled model.
At the conclusion of the workshop members were encouraged to leave comments about the presented project, discussed alternative development strategies, and any other input that they had.

 Presentation of the project

  Discussion and workshop
Alternative strategies

The participnats who took part in the workshop were:
Charles Kristiansen
Ketil Iki
Trond Einar Persen
Arnt Ivar Pedersen
Trine Noodt
Per-Ame Emaus
Jørgen Kristoffersen
Ruben Åsheim
Gjermund Abrahamsen Wik
Anita Veiseth
Henning Bek
Robert Paal
Andrew Budd


Bukta Presentation

The Cold Climate and Territory project was presented to the Alta Municipality on Friday 29th June 2012, with the hope that they will take interest.
Altaposten covered the event and published an article (shown above) on Friday 6th July 2012 where they reported that the project included "exciting ideas and plans".
Arnfinn Sarilla, who is a councilor for the Kommune said that " this is amazing and it gives future visions for Alta". Arnfinn went on to say that "I think this is a great plan they have presented".

For Bukta and Amtmannsnes we have developed two scenarios showing alternative development strategies for the area. The scenarios are intended as a basis for discussions and debates. They are not intended to represent the final conclusions for future development, but as input during the process. We hope that our ideas can inspire, surprise and challenge.

The first scenario assumes that the runway at Alta airport is extended by approximately 600 m. For the second scenario, we have explored the possibilities that are provided by rotating the runway to the northeast.

Scenario 1 Plan

Scenario 1 Birds-eye view seen from north Bukta

Scenario 1 Birds-eye view seen from west Bukta

Scenario 1 Harbor attraction - Visitor centre

Scenario 2 Plan

Scenario 2 Birds-eye view seen from north Bukta

Scenario 2 Birds-eye view seen from west Bukta 

Scenario 2 Outdoor Hotel - Hunting, fishing, recreation

Bukta Dialogue

The representative wall
The idea was to get involved different generations of Bukta inhabitants to investigate their own perception of the area by drawing their own past and prospect visions in an abstract way.

The Trash Model
Bukta Dialogue also carried on another workshop entitled Trash Model . The attempt had been made to encourage people especially younger generation to build and paint their own perspective of the area with second-hand and trashed materials. For this reason, an imprint of the existing area was being employed.

Captivated children are having an enjoyable time by playing colors and making models.

Some members of the workshop are waiting to encourage and introduce visitors towards any latent activity concerned Bukta area.

Black Box

The idea of framing a black box emerged while the members of Bukta Dialogue laboratory came to an agreement to present a time-lapse and a documentary based on the area to the visitors of Miljøsirkus (OPEN HOUSE ECO CIRCUS).
The fabrication of the wooden box began based on an incomplex structure consisting front and back sides partially opened as an entrance and exit and two other sides which are functionally more structural. The joints of the structure are adjustable and it could be taken apart into smaller features.
The structure would be clothed inside by a black fabric to pretend the light getting inside. The video projector and the screen got settled inside the box after completion of the structure.