Cold Climate and Territory IV in Tromsø / Symposium / 11 April 2014

Anita Veiseth, Landscape architect, Verte landskap - arkitektur AS, introducing the symposium
 Katlinn Clavier, Landscape architect, Dronninga Landskap AS, presenting "Blue Green Factor as a Tool to improve Environmental Qualities in Projects"
Henning Bek, Architect + Davor Robitschko, Architect, Verte landskap - arkitektur AS,
presenting findings from workshop about "Blue Green Factor"
Bent Braskerud, Researcher NVE, presenting "Practical storm water management in local urban planning" 
Torben Mrthinus, Local Contact Future Cities Tromsø, presenting "Future Cities in Tromsø"
Mikael af Ekenstam, MSC Environmental Science, Sweco AS, presenting "Prerequisites for innovative and environmentally sound building projects"
Peter Bernhardt, Asplanviak, presenting "Powered by nature – Powerhouse Kjørbo. Refurbishment of two office blocks from 1980 into energy-positive buildings" 
Kathrine Strøm, Landscape architect, COWI AS/Blue Green Network, presenting "Are BREEAM projects better projects?"
Panel discussion with all speakers and participants
 Tapas and Mingling after the symposium

Cold Climate and Territory IV in Tromsø / Workshop / 10 April 2014

Katlinn Clavier, a landscape architect in Dronninga Landskap AS, giving introductory lecture about Blue Green Factor
Worming up exercise in the morning
 Site visiting for workshop assignment in the courtyard, art academy
Intensive sketching and discussion in the workshop