Bukta Dialogue

The representative wall
The idea was to get involved different generations of Bukta inhabitants to investigate their own perception of the area by drawing their own past and prospect visions in an abstract way.

The Trash Model
Bukta Dialogue also carried on another workshop entitled Trash Model . The attempt had been made to encourage people especially younger generation to build and paint their own perspective of the area with second-hand and trashed materials. For this reason, an imprint of the existing area was being employed.

Captivated children are having an enjoyable time by playing colors and making models.

Some members of the workshop are waiting to encourage and introduce visitors towards any latent activity concerned Bukta area.

Black Box

The idea of framing a black box emerged while the members of Bukta Dialogue laboratory came to an agreement to present a time-lapse and a documentary based on the area to the visitors of Miljøsirkus (OPEN HOUSE ECO CIRCUS).
The fabrication of the wooden box began based on an incomplex structure consisting front and back sides partially opened as an entrance and exit and two other sides which are functionally more structural. The joints of the structure are adjustable and it could be taken apart into smaller features.
The structure would be clothed inside by a black fabric to pretend the light getting inside. The video projector and the screen got settled inside the box after completion of the structure.