Studytour to Oulu - Finland

We were a group from the office on a studytrip to Oulu - Finland during 7th -11th of November 2012. We visited the Architecture department, Universitetet of Oulu and participated in the Go North Architecture Business Arena, invited by Nordic Business Link. We met a lot of nice and talented people, and have seen both modern and mature buildings and landscapes. We hope our new contacts can be developed and new opportunities created for architecture and landscaping in the high north of Europe !
Architecture department, Universitetet of Oulu. Beautiful locations in the heart of the city.
Preparations before lecture for the students at the Architecture department
Preparations before workshop with the students.
Nice lunch together with lecturers Leena, Jari, Kari og Outi. Here represented by the food.
Visiting Outi (VSU) after seeing some of their landscaping projects.  
Pigs on the move in Waterfront Park. Landscape architect VSU.
The new public stage in the main square of Oulu. 
Passed this often. Architect: Sito LLC
Reception at the City Hall after conference on Friday. Robert, Marianne og Eini.
Project visit on an early saturday morning. 
Eini welcomes us to the new Planning and Environmental Services Building.
Architect: Architecture office Vauhtiviiva, architect Jyri Kotilainen
Artist (the glass prints): artist  Maija Louekari 
Fish Restaurant that was also a fish factory and food market. 
Architect: Architecture office M3.
Architect Janne Pihlajaniemi (M3) presenting the building.
Enjoying tasty fish soup - Linda, Marianne og Robert.
Visit at a Youth Centre designes by Kanttia 2. 
From the outside.
Markus the architect of the build in blue shirt. 
Sunday morning walk with Sepehr.  
Visit to the island. 
Back in town. Here we met cool and famous politician from Oulu. 
Will we be soon back ? Hope so.