Presentation av feasability studies


The Cold Climate and Territory project was presented at an early morning breakfast workshop held at the offices of Verte Landskap - arkitektur AS on Friday 28th of September 2012.
There was a presentation of the feasibility studies carried out and the two development strategies for the Cold Climate and Territory project.
Participants of the workshop then discussed alternative development strategies for the area and displayed their ideas through adapting the scaled model.
At the conclusion of the workshop members were encouraged to leave comments about the presented project, discussed alternative development strategies, and any other input that they had.

 Presentation of the project

  Discussion and workshop
Alternative strategies

The participnats who took part in the workshop were:
Charles Kristiansen
Ketil Iki
Trond Einar Persen
Arnt Ivar Pedersen
Trine Noodt
Per-Ame Emaus
Jørgen Kristoffersen
Ruben Åsheim
Gjermund Abrahamsen Wik
Anita Veiseth
Henning Bek
Robert Paal
Andrew Budd


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